Why Cards for a Cause Fundraisers?

  • Simplicity – You can start today!
  • Quality – High-quality products for unbeatable prices.
  • Unlimited Earning Potential – Set your goal and let us help you achieve it.
  • Personalized Service – Our Independent Consultants will do what you need throughout your fundraising process to help you reach your goal.
  • Different – Our program offers you the opportunity to stand out in the fundraising crowd, with new products which appeal to multiple audiences.


Strong History, Bright Future

Cards for a Cause Fundraisers is the premier fundraising program of Usborne Books & More, a successful, debt-free company which provides personal service across the nation. As with all programs offered by Usborne Books & More, your organization will receive the knowledge and expertise of our Independent Consultants to assist you with all of your fundraising needs. Your success is important to us, and we are willing to go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals.


Fundraiser Details

Time frame:

We have found two weeks works well. You collect the orders and payment, then submit to your consultant. They will handle everything else.

Delivery of the boxes is approximately 14 business days later.  Your group will then deliver the cards to those who purchased them or setup a pick up time and location – YOU enjoy the funds earned!

Earning Potential:

Sample Group Size: 20 participants.

  • If every person sold 20 boxes: 400 boxes sold = $5,200 raised
  • If every person sold 15 boxes: 300 boxes sold = $3,900 raised
  • If every person sold 10 boxes: 200 boxes sold = $2,600 raised
  • If every person sold 5 boxes:  100 boxes sold  = $1,300 raised


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If You Are Ready to Dive In, Here is the…

Simple Step-by-Step Guide


START FUNDRAISING NOW *This option requires you to print your own order forms, etc.


Download our Organization Packet HERE

and our

Fundraising Agreement HERE!


Fill out the Agreement and Email it in.


Download and PRINT for each member the Order Form and fill in Dear Parent Letter.


When done with your fundraiser contact us so we can send you your Tally Sheet.


Extras You May Want To Download!

Cards for a Cause Flyer

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