You might be asking …but What Makes Usborne Great? Depending on the child, Usborne books can be used for many years:


  • They can be used to look at and ask questions about the pictures
  • Can be used to read about a subject
  • Or used for reports and research

But, what makes Usborne great: what makes Usborne books unique?

…All books are created equal, right?!



Well…I really didn’t put too much thought into it until I discovered Usborne Books & More! I used to just browse around the bookstore or Amazon looking for fun, bright colored covers, catchy titles or books that I remember as a child. When I describe the books to newbies (people not familiar with Usborne Books) , questions come up like… What makes Usborne Books SOOO great?



The list is long …but I’ll keep it to just a handful of reasons why Usborne Books are among the best in the industry!


#1: Interactive

I’ll be honest. This is what caught my attention first. I was blown away that Usborne Books are more than just books.


  • Really Fun
  • Interactive
  • Intrigeuing

That’s what makes Usborne great. I wanted to play with them so I knew my kids would want to play with them, as well!

Many of our titles include ideal picture-to-text ratios for the targeted age, as well as flaps, fold-out pages, question-and-answer format and fun features that attract children (and adults) to them and help retain information.

Whether you’re reading with a flashlight discovering hidden images in the shine-a-light books, driving a vehicle around the busy books or mixing up pages in the Muddle & Match books, these books are interactive and engaging


#2: Commercial Free

You’re not going to find the latest Disney character’s book or your child’s favorite cartoon in our catalog. As much as my son is a fans of Paw Patrol and The Cars Movie, there’s something about commercial-free books that feel more wholesome. Without any corporate marketing or media tie-ins, we are reading to read and are enjoying letting their imagination run and being introduced to new fictional characters like Billie B and her neighbor Jack. Plus, the selection of non-fiction titles is unparalleled. Finding good, fun and engaging non-fiction is hard work! Usborne Books knocks this out the park!

#3: International Authors

While many books released from Usborne Publishing are written by UK authors, Kane Miller Publishing provides books written by authors from around the world, providing young readers access to different world views and ideas. Check out the latest catalog to search for authors by country.

#4: Awesome Replacement Policy

Where else can you replace a book for half the cost when a flap is torn off the page, a cup of sticky juice is spilled or it is loved on (and maybe chewed on) so much that pages begin to fall out? Since we’re also moms, we get it! And, we’re going to hook you up because kids can be rough on books. Need a new copy of your Usborne book? Just contact me and I’ll be happy to get you a new one for just 50% the retail price.

#5: Shop Small

Every Usborne Books & More consultant is running their own business. You’re supporting your local economy and helping a mom pay for dance classes, save for a family trip or pay for preschool tuition (and, we know that’s not cheap!). When you buy a book from me, you can expect personal recommendations, the best customer service and you might just get a bonus book because I like you. When is the last time a big box store did that for you???


…but Why Are Usborne Books Unique



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Usborne Books & More believes that children should have every opportunity available to them, especially a good education. We proudly offer a product that is unsurpassed in quality, content, illustrations and photography. Our books entice children to dive into the information and surface again eager to learn more.

How people learn: Including what make Usborne great. What make Usborne books unique.


Research indicates that people learn:

  • 20% by reading
  • 30% from hearing
  • 40% from saying
  • 60% from doing


Let me explain how Usborne books meet the criteria outlined above:

Usborne Books carry activity books, sticker books, parent’s guides and Kid Kits. Most of the Usborne books have hands on experiments or activities in them, therefore complimenting the learning by doing which is 60% of how we learn. Usborne even offer very comprehensive reading programs.

Bottomline Usborne Books has information on just about any subject!


Did you know?...the vocabulary size of a 3 year old can help predict their educational outcome at age 16? We LOVE sharing big words especially for our LITTLE people and are committed to teaching them in fun ways!


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