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Reading Incentive Program

Reach for the Stars!! is a pledge-based reading incentive program, designed to benefit schools, individual classrooms, clubs, church groups, home school groups, charities, businesses and public libraries
Programs: Reach for the Stars - Reading Incentive Program

Matching Grant Program

Literacy for a Lifetime is a grant matching program, which matches corporate or individual donations/ grants.  It’s designed to partner with schools, businesses and foundations to support local educational institutions.
Programs: Literacy for a Lifetime - Matching Grant Program

Book Fairs

Our Book Fairs provide stimulating, quality books for children while offering 50% of the sales in free books to your school or organization. Your school deserves commercial free, quality books at great prices!

Programs: Book Fairs
Usborne Books & More offers many programs to help schools, libraries and organizations have access to these great books and to be able to earn FREE Usborne and Kane Miller books and/or cash.

We can provide to you:

  • Current full catalog – online & searchable!
  • High quality Class A bindings w/ original publisher artwork!
  • 99% fill rate! & Backordering optional!
  • No “middle man” or “jobber” to deal with!
  • Publisher’s most up-to-date editions!
  • Quick delivery time, usually within 5 days, in continental US!
  • Cataloging & processing available!
  • Selection & order assistance available at no charge!  email: mildred@bookworms4life.com
  • Credit Cards, Purchase Orders, Invoicing, and Checks Accepted
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Did you know?...Kids who do not read in summer stand to loose up to 3 months of reading progress!


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