Literacy for a Lifetime

The Literacy for a Lifetime Matching Grant Program is an excellent way to expand your library’s collection, build a leveled book room, or provide supplemental classroom materials.

Our Literacy for a Lifetime program offers a 50% matching grant in books for every dollar contributed.

Have you received a grant or donation to purchase books before the end of the school year or fiscal year?

Did you know grants or donations of $250 or more can receive a 50% matching grant from Usborne Books & More when used to purchase Usborne or Kane/Miller books?

  • The school has full control over the selection of titles being received.
  • There is no cap on the amount that can be matched.
  • FREE SHIPPING on all books.

The Literacy for a Lifetime matching grant program can be used with the following:

  • State and Federal grants – such as:
    • Title I Grants
    • Migrant Education
    • Special Education Preschool Grants
    • HeadStart Programs
    • Striving Readers
  • Corporate donations or grants
    • Dollar General
    • Sam’s Club
    • Target
    • Walmart
  • Foundation grants
  • PTA/PTSA grants
  • Individual donations
  • Miscellaneous funds
    • Book Fair funds
    • Lost book fees
  • And more…

A Literacy for a Lifetime matching grant is an excellent way to

  • expand your library collection,
  • provide summer reading prizes,
  • build a leveled book room,
  • start a reading club
  • provide star reader incentives, and/or
  • build supplemental classroom libraries
  • provide summer reading titles to children.

Many of our books are aligned with your state’s performance standards and most are available in paperback, hardback and/or library binding.

Interested in applying for a literacy grant?  Visit the Teacher’s Lounge for a list of upcoming grant deadlines and application links.

Have grant money to spend on children’s books? Contact me to request a catalog and to find out more information on how you can receive 50% more Kane Miller or Usborne books for free.

Minimums apply.

Literacy for a Lifetime – matches Grants & Donations with 50% additional FREE books! Plus free shipping!

You may combine smaller grants and donations.

Did you know?...Kids who do not read in summer stand to loose up to 3 months of reading progress!


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