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Helping a child learn to read can be one of the most exciting times! Your encouragement and positive words are so important, and so is having books that are accessible to them.

Featured in this video are wonderful books to help your child learn to read from Usborne Books & More:

*Video created by NancyAnn Wartman, Senior Director with Usborne Books & More

School of Monsters

Fantastic very early reader. Initially, the big person will read the sentence and the young reader will work on the last word. Soon the child will be reading the whole sentence too! The clever stories and rhyming text are here to make the process more fun and easier.

Alphabet Matching Game and Book

Your child probably “knows the ABC’s” already. With this fun game your child can work with those ABCs they know and also begin recognizing words, practice taking turns in game and simply learn through play. It’s smart to bring their learning to read many times during each day. Games and puzzles can help make it even more fun!

Read with Usborne Series

4 levels, created with the support of reading experts to motivate children in early stages of reading. Level one is especially basic. Many books in this series at each level. Each book is only $3.99. As children are learning to read, they need lots of books at each level – this series helps make that accessible.

My First Reading Library

50 books in a boxed set! The get progressively harder, so they really grow with your child as your child’s confidence grows. The first seven levels of books are written in a shared reading format, which means that part of the text is just right for YOU to read and part of the text is just right for the young reader to read. There are also puzzles at the end of each book, which are about the story they have just read with you. This builds reading comprehension skills because the child needs to remember the story to complete the puzzles.

First Words Book

This is an absolute confidence builder! Picture word books are helpful because children know what the picture is and with the word right there, they realize that this word is associated with this picture. Books like this are also great for children as they just begin to write. Sometimes they’ll draw pictures and they will work to label their own parts of the picture. Books like this are incredible references for them. Maybe you could use this book to write stories together.

Phonics Readers – 3 ways to choose these gems

  • 1 – individual books are $6.99 each. And there are currently 43 different titles!
  • 2 – boxed set of 20 books – My First Phonics Reading Library $69.99
  • 3 – we offer 5 hardback books that have 6 (Ted and Friends has 12) stories in it $14.99 each

Complete Book of Farmyard Tales is the staple for all young readers!

20 stories in this treasure illustrated by Stephen Cartwright (he’s the one that hides the duck on each page). Entertain your 4-6 year old as they’re learning to read the top line of text and you’re reading the bottom line to add more to the story, while your 2 year old is engaged with finding that duck on every page. The stories also make sense if you ONLY read the top line, which again is a fantastic confidence builder for your young reader….or it’s a nice way to finish off the 8th bedtime story for the night.

Wipe-Clean books

Children can learn to decode (read) by encoding (writing). Reading and writing work hand in hand. Add some Wipe-Clean books to your days to provide practice pen control and at the same time work on those early reading skills. By bringing in different types of early reading books and activities for your child, as well as your continued reading aloud each day, your child’s learning to read experience can be filled with enthusiasm!

Did you know?...the vocabulary size of a 3 year old can help predict their educational outcome at age 16? We LOVE sharing big words especially for our LITTLE people and are committed to teaching them in fun ways!


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