Say what! A-D-V-E-N-T-U-R-E!

Who doesn’t love a good adventure?

There’s a brand-new series of chapter books, coloring books, and activity books all by Bear Grylls, renowned survivalist.


Chapter Books: Bear Grylls Adventures

This new series by Bear Grylls contains a four chapter-book series. It can be purchased as a series or individually! These books suit the age range of 7-10. Great for kids who loved the magic treehouse!

If your child is an avid reader, this series is great to learn new survival skills and the importance of teamwork.

On the other hand, maybe your child isn’t a big reader. Hint: it is just that they haven’t found that perfect book that will spark their interest!
This new series by Bear Grylls is perfect as a read-aloud and can be read individually too.

Each book in the series has Bear Grylls meet a child in need of a confidence boost and an adventure definitely fits the bill! Along their adventure, Bear teaches survival skills and the great need for teamwork along with communication.

Through a blizzard, desert, jungle, and sea, the main character learns from Bear as he teaches ways to navigate through dangerous terrain.


Activity Books
Best for ages 8-13

Best price ever: only $4.99 for paperback and $12.99 for the library edition.

You’re given a magical compass and suddenly you’re no longer at outdoor camp but in an amazing place in the world – with Bear Grylls as your guide!

With these activity books you will:

  • Learn how to pack
  • Read a map
  • Tour the globe
  • Learn how to cope in all weather
  • Tell the differnece between animal footprints

These activity books are full of fun facts, quizzes, word searches, mazes, lots of tips from Bear Grylls, and stickers too!


Survival Skills Handbook
Great for ages 8-13

This practical, illustrated outdoor field guide is full of information with step-by-step instructions and tips and advice from Bear Grylls: camping and dangers to spot and avoid in the wild, finding your way, and mastering amazing knots. This is the must-have survival guide for all young explorers!

Tips and Advice from Bear Grylls including:

  • Camping
  • Dangers and emergencies
  • Maps & navigation
  • Knots

These books would make great gifts for children or even teachers.

Reluctant readers will easily understand! The beauty of it is that all the info is in bite sized chunks. It is simple, and beautifully executed stories, which teach so much at the same time. They soon be a family favorite!

Did you know?...the vocabulary size of a 3 year old can help predict their educational outcome at age 16? We LOVE sharing big words especially for our LITTLE people and are committed to teaching them in fun ways!


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