School is coming to an end and we are so excited to relax and play this summer while embracing B.O.R.E.D. to ensure we Beat the Summer Slide! Did you know children who don’t read during the summer can loose up to three months of reading progress?! Crazy, right?! Don’t worry, I’ve got you and your readers covered with some fun ideas to ensure they don’t go down that slide!

What is summer slide?


Summer slide is the academic loos children experience during the extended summer break from school.


Children who don’t read durring summer stand to loose up to 3 months of reading progress gained over the previous school year and unfortunately the loss has a cummulative long-term effect.


Your readers aren’t in school yet! No worries, you can still embrace B.O.R.E.D. with your family!


Did you know that readers can learn a lot from all kinds of books?


What genre does your reader typically gravitate towards?


Thank you SO much for taking the time  to learn more about Beating the Summer Slide – which is actually very serious!

Our readers can loose up to three months of reading progress over the summer, which might be longer than your summer break, EEEK!

But! Don’t worry, I have got some great ideas to not only keep your readers from saying “I’m boooooored” but to keep them reading too!

And guess what? We are going to use B.O.R.E.D. to get us there! Of course it’s easy-peasy because that is how I roll 🙂


Which acronym has you most intrigued for your readers?







Is it B?


Let’s Build Something!! Building means following instructions to create something awesome, which is reading. See how we can easily sneak in reading this summer? 🙂

Let’s build something to beat that summer slide.  What would your reader like to build?

Did you know that when our readers are building something that are working on their coordination and sequential thinking.




Is it O?

Go Outdoors!! Yes, grab some books and head outside – here let me show you what I mean 🙂 What fun idea would your reader love to do outside?

Let’s bring out the chalk and turn your sidewalk into a master piece – let your readers have fun incorporating our ideas from the step by step drawing books. Or

As you travel make it a learning adventure, I know our pocket books will come in handy; whether it’s at the zoo use the pocket book on mammals, birds and reptiles or at the aquarium where you can use the pocket book on ocean animals


Is it R?

What adventure will your readers go on?

Read a Book!! Read Adventurously! But not just any book,  add some adventure to their summer!

Reading improves connections

Reading improves concentration and attention span.

Reading allows for a wide range of vicarious experiences.

Since its summer let’s become adventurous: Let’s explore Space – Enjoy our Peek Inside Space book; Or why don’t we go and capture Nibbles the Book Monster ;Or enjoy a mystical museum that comes to life at night The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth; Or go on an adventure with Billie B, Hey Jack or Lily the Elf, Fizz the Police Dog; Or If you are looking for more of an adventure which is so sought of a blend between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings – then the Impossible Quest is for you!


Is it E?


Experiment!! There are so many fun ways for your readers to experiment this summer. What do you think would be FUN?

Experimenting allow readers to get messy and make mistakes, and understand that that’s okay. So lets get messy and make mistakes doing fun experiment with them. While they are doing that they get to amp up those observational skills.




Is it D?


Do Something For Others!! Yes, while encourages our readers to be amazing little humans they can be reading too. Which idea gave you the warm and fuzzies?

When we are doing something for others we are building social awareness and encouraging good citizenship.





Beating the summer slide is…Pretty easy right?

Reading is everywhere and can be incorporated in so many fun activities right in your back yard!

I am even taking B.O.R.E.D. and letting my kids explore the world around them with the help of their books before we can turn the television on! As soon as they have gone through each letter they can then turn on their favorite show, which could easily be until the end of the day #win I am so excited to see what adventures they come up with!


How do you plan on incorporating B.O.R.E.D. into your home?

Now that you are fueled with tips and tricks to Beat the Summer Slide with your readers here is your chance to snag the titles your family will love! Download my free resource list for easier access and reference!





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