Why should you consider Cards for a Cause Fundraisers for our fundraising needs?

Cards for a Cause Fundraisers offers a simple opportunity to raise money for your organization. Our boxes of cards are the highest quality and such an amazing value – they practically sell themselves. Cards for a Cause Fundraisers is exclusively available through Usborne Books & More, the premier, direct sales, party plan company for quality children’s books and more.

How much profit will our organization make?

Your organization will receive up to $13 per box of cards sold (at $30 a box includes 30 cards), depending on your tax exempt status. There is no maximum amount that you could earn!

What if my organization is tax exempt?

If your organization is tax exempt, we will work with you to gather the correct paperwork and get this fundraiser submitted for approval.

How do we get started? What type of support will we have?

All organizations works directly with one of our Independent Usborne Consultants. If you know a Consultant, you may work directly with him/her. If you do not know a Consultant, enter your contact information through this website and we will get back with you directly. Your Consultant will be with you all the way through delivery and will give you as much one-on-one attention as you need to help make your fundraiser a success one.

How long should the sale last?
This will depend on your organization, but we recommend approximately two weeks. The timing may vary if you have on-site sales or specific events the fundraiser is linked to.
How long will it take for our order to be delivered?
Please allow 10-12 business days after your order has been submitted for delivery.
Can I order directly from the Company?
Our business structure allows you to work only with our Independent Consultants. He/She can offer you the attention that you deserve and will answer any questions that you may have to help make your fundraising program the best that it can be.
Can we have more than one fundraiser per year with Cards for a Cause Fundraisers?

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