What Makes Usborne Books So Great?

You might be asking ...but What Makes Usborne Great? Depending on the child, Usborne books can be used for many years:   They can be used to look at and ask questions about the pictures Can be used to read about a subject Or used for reports and research But, what...

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New Arrivals! New Titles Fall 2018!

It feels like Christmas every time there are new titles! I’m so so excited!! 🙂   You WON'T want to MISS these newest additions to your familiar favorites!   Brand New Titles are OUT! Take a peek here…  ...

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New Adventure Series by Bear Grylls

Say what! A-D-V-E-N-T-U-R-E! Who doesn’t love a good adventure? There’s a brand-new series of chapter books, coloring books, and activity books all by Bear Grylls, renowned survivalist.   Chapter Books: Bear Grylls Adventures This new series by Bear Grylls contains a...

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How To Beat The Summer Slide

School is coming to an end and we are so excited to relax and play this summer while embracing B.O.R.E.D. to ensure we Beat the Summer Slide! Did you know children who don't read during the summer can loose up to three months of reading progress?! Crazy, right?! Don't...

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Did you know?...Kids who do not read in summer stand to loose up to 3 months of reading progress!


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