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Hey, Hey! My name is Mildred, I’m a wife, a mum, a literacy advocate and I am a Brand Partner with PaperPie!  Welcome to BookWorms4Life! Thanks for stopping by! I am super excited to introduce you to the most amazing children’s books! My family fell in love with these books and I know your kiddos will love them, as well.

A little about me… My professional background is Finance and Operational Management. I was invited to a faceBOOK party a few years ago and I was intrigued in the whole concept. Attending the party I didn’t know what I was getting myself into for I had never even been to a Facebook party. It was actually pretty neat! I instantly fell in LOVE with the books AND the company! Not only could I earn FREE books and great discounts by being an Usborne Books Consultant, but you get to promote literacy and education to children of ALL ages! I decided these books were SO great that I needed a permanent discount for my family so I purchased the Starter Kit. I love that I’m building a library for my family while helping others be successful and meet their goals too!

Number of Usborne & Kane Miller Titles

Words a child is exposed to per year: reading 20 minutes a day

Worldwide: No. of Usborne Book Language Translations

Stories child needs to hear before they will learn to read

I promote a unique line of children’s books and I love that…I share books with kids and parents that make reading fun and learning an adventure! My mission is to get kids book hooked for a lifetime! I believe what our publisher believes – “that children should have every opportunity available to them, especially a good education. We proudly offer a product that is unsurpassed in quality, content, illustrations, and photography. Our books entice children to dive into the information and surface again eager to learn more”

Reading Stats

On average, 100% of Kindergartners are interested in books, reading and being read to!

The interest in reading drastically lowers over time.

What changed from K – 4th?

4th Grade is when kids learn to read and parents stop reading aloud to them. Reading aloud keeps the pleasure of reading alive – also, parents can read above their level to fill their word reservoir which will eventually spill into speaking, reading, and writing vocabularies.

TIP – keep reading aloud to kids!!

  • Kindergaten 100%
  • 4th Grade 54%
  • 8th Grade 32%
  • 12th Grade 19%

The PaperPie Vision Mission Statement: “We create products and opportunities that enrich, inspire, and nourish the mind, heart, and imagination. We believe stories are made to share. We transform lives – one story, one book, one family, one child at a time”

Did you know?...the vocabulary size of a 3 year old can help predict their educational outcome at age 16? We LOVE sharing big words especially for our LITTLE people and are committed to teaching them in fun ways!


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