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5 reasons to fall in love with our book


Titles not available in regular bookstores & Style not found elsewhere.


Beautiful illustrations and interactive features promote engagement from readers to create life-long book lovers.


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Something for every age and interest.   Fiction & Non-fiction   ~SmartLab Toys~ Activities ~ Puzzles

High Quality

So high quality that PaperPie offers a lifetime half-price replacement plan.

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Literacy and learning are so important, and PaperPie offers so many ways to make quality books and educational resources available to children and their families.

As our Mission Statement reflects,

“We gather together for good around literacy and learning.”


~ Changing children’s lives one book at a time ~

About Our Books

We believe that books are a way to travel the world, and the best way to experiment – with ideas, thoughts, feelings, and belonging (or not belonging). We believe in creating spaces and communities around books and literacy and children that are sustainable and healthy and necessary and meaningful. Our books entice children to dive into the information and surface again eager to learn more.

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Did you know?...the vocabulary size of a 3 year old can help predict their educational outcome at age 16? We LOVE sharing big words especially for our LITTLE people and are committed to teaching them in fun ways!


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